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Slot tournaments

How to play slot tournaments like a Pro

Many players love to compete. When you gamble, it is hard to control spending. Slot tournament participants contribute a certain amount, so their expenses are insignificant. The amount of payment for participation in tournaments can vary from a few cents to several hundred dollars. These kinds of promotions are weekly or daily.

If you win a tournament or take prize-places, then you will definitely get some gifts, cash prizes and nice bonuses. Today we highlight the advantages, types of tournaments and tips on how to win.

Benefits of online tournaments

Players have the opportunity to participate in various online slot tournaments regularly held among all users. Anyone can take part and prove his primacy. If you will show the will and energy, you may become a leader who took prizes and rewarded with money and other valuable incentives.

You get the following benefits when playing slot tournament:

  • Opportunity to compete within a large gaming community;
  • Ability to win valuable prizes;
  • Chance to get recognition.

Tournament Rules

To organize a tournament a separate gaming room and a certain number of slot machines are usually allocated for this event. The casino can use tournament slots powered by gaming software from completely different developers. All players who wish to participate in the tournament are distributed among these slot machines.

How do slot tournaments work? It is often happening that the number of participants is large and the tournament is held in several stages. Each player receives the same number of credits for his account. As a rule, it is from 1,000 to 5,000.

A small amount of time is allotted for holding competitions, usually 20 minutes, but different gambling establishments can extend this interval even up to a month. During this period, all credits must be spent, and the player who earns the most chips wins. The results of the tournament recorded by a representative of the casino administration.

Types of tournaments and their advantages

slot tournaments play
  • Freeroll Slot Tournament. The lowest level of competition in online casinos, which created for beginners. They are good because you risk practically nothing. However, it has some drawbacks. First, masterful players rarely participate in them. Secondly, such tournaments take place in a rather long period of time - there is no real interaction, and only a table of results on the site reminds that this is a tournament. In other words, you simply play in any slot, determine the size of the bet yourself, and your results are considered in the overall ranking, where you can get an additional prize.
  • Buy-In Tournaments. There is about the same principle of the competition when the essence of the slot’s tournament is to maintain the overall rating of the players, but there are several important differences. Firstly, the level of the championship is already somewhat higher, since frankly random people are eliminated by the threshold of the initial payment. Secondly, such a slot tournament is shorter in time. For example, they can be held by a gaming club on certain weekends. Finally, the main advantage is a more serious prize amount.

Strategies and tips on how to win in tournaments

How to win a slot tournament? The winning strategy of the game in tournaments is different from the usual game in the slot machines. If in the second case, forethought and accuracy are most valued, and the game can go at a measured pace, then in the first case you should try to collect as many chips as possible in the allotted time.

Two main strategies are used for this:

  • Conservative: you start the game measuredly, looking at the results of your opponents, and then you decide how to increase the stakes.
  • Aggressive: you should give preference to large bets, trying to increase the lead over rivals, and then, depending on the position in the table, reduce or increase the bets.

Besides, if you want to win it is important to be as totally focused since every second spent in vain reduces your chances of success.


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