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how to win at wheel of fortune slots
How to win at slots

What do we know about how to win at casino slots?

Among poker enthusiasts, there are a lot of gamblers who are attracted to sports, casinos and online slots. This inspired us to write this article.

Any slot machine on the Internet is a program that works with the same settings specified by the developer. The process is strictly monitored by the regulator. Moreover, each new combination of characters is determined randomly by a random number generator and does not depend on the combinations that occurred earlier.

This means that it is impossible to predict any specific event in the game. But you can understand how the slot will behave in the long term, and base your game in accordance with this behavior.

How to win at slots in Vegas and online: tips and tricks

how to win slots

Pay attention to the RTP

Each slot machine in online casinos has a certain percentage of payments, and as a rule, it is higher than in slot machines of real casinos, which attracts a lot of gamblers. We just note that the higher the percentage of return - the more chances to win, because this indicator indicates what percentage of the total amount the machine gives out to players.

Slot developers often do not hide such information, and if you are interested, you can find whole pay tables in the context of slots and bets. So, for example, NetEnt slots according to official data give 95-98%, Playtech according to information on the network - 92-98%, MicroGaming - 88-98%, and each slot machine is different. It is generally accepted that playing machines that pay less than 93% are unprofitable. The most profitable have 97-99% of payments.

Manage a bankroll

As in poker, you must have your own bankroll management, which will allow you to bring a certain balance into the game. It must be determined in advance, regardless of the outcome of the game.

Explore Online Casinos

Pay attention to the available withdrawal methods and additional cash out conditions, so that if you win, you won’t be in an unpleasant situation after learning that you can withdraw without wagering only a certain percentage of the deposit or that no payment system suits you.

Do not try to hack the slot

No matter how much you lose, you should not look online for ways to hack slots or online casinos. Instead of looking, you will find a ton of scammers trying to "get into" you with idle schemes and "miraculous" programs.

Play for free

Experienced players recommend: before placing bets play for free in demo mode. Many secrets of slot machines are visible after just a few minutes of a free game. In addition, it will be clear if you like the gameplay.

Play long sessions

Only at a long distance can all of the game’s advantages be visible: all bonus games and secret features drop out, and the indicators correspond as much as declared by the developer.

Play random jackpot games

The secrets of progressive jackpot slot machines are that the largest winnings occur regardless of the size of the bet. If in all other slots the payout is proportional to the size of the bet and depends on the combination, then here each player can receive millions in exchange for a penny.

Take away bonuses

Never forget that you need to choose not only a game but also a gambling website. Of course, with a license. On such a site, a lot of good things will be added to your deposit: registration bonus, first deposit bonus, free spins as a reward and much more.

This means that before you beat the slot machines, in the right online casino you will receive an additional monetary advantage.

How to win at slots: gaming strategies

how to win playing slots

Martingale Strategy

Theoretically, this method can be applied in any game with bets. The main point of the method is that if the player has failed and lost the bet, then the next bet makes twice as much. And so on. A series of failures will surely be interrupted after one or several cones of the game there will certainly be gain that will cover losses from previous bets and bring money. This strategy is based on probability theory - with each subsequent bet, the probability of winning increases. This technique is suitable for those whose deposit size is able to withstand significant expenses when playing in a casino for money.

Anti-Martingale Strategy

According to this strategy, the bet must be reduced by 2 times after losing, and after winning - increased by 2 times. Such a trick would seem illogical to some. Many have come across the fact that gaming slots after winning a series of losing combinations. But the reverse is also true - a series of several winning combinations in a row happens. You can try this strategy in action on slot machines to start in a free demo mode.

Strategy "Naked Pulls"

The essence of Naked Pulls strategy is to constantly make the same bets. This allows you to clearly control the amount spent. If you pre-determine the number of rounds of the game, then the strategy will limit losses and will not allow you to spend too much.

Strategy "One game"

This type of strategy involves obtaining a win from the first bet. Further game is conducted on the winnings received. Your original deposit remains in your pocket. In case of failure with the first bet, the player proceeds to the next machine and does the same. In this strategy, you need to determine in advance the amount that the player is willing to risk.

Zigzag Strategy

This strategy involves playing simultaneously on multiple gaming slots. Thus, the player increases the chances of winning. In addition, this strategy helps determine the most generous machine with the highest percentage of allowance.

So now you know how to win at penny slots or online slots. We wish you good luck!


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