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Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming And Their Sacred Tree Of iGambling

Here’s your mythology 101: despite the fact that ‘Yggdrasil Gaming’ looks like the strangest letter choice ever, it’s in fact a nod to the Nordic gods – the company’s name perpetuates a huge mythic tree of life that used to be home to dragons, and surely it makes up a perfect title for online casinos.

Aside from being brilliant at creativity, the company knows how to make slots that could be truly comparable to latest Hollywood blockbusters. So, putting together an immense share of creative spirit and stunning technology, we get something genuinely unique.

How Did The Tree Grow?

yggdrasil game

Surprisingly, the company cannot boast rich and deep history since it was established just a few years ago by NetEnt ex-CEO Fredrik Elmqvist. However, the fact that heaps of exceptional experience moved to the new company alongside Frederik, there’s no ground for doubting the company because of their ‘lack’ of knowledge about game making. Indeed, the company has managed to take an enormous leap from being in the shadows to being a renowned leader owing to enthusiastic commitment.

Throughout the years the company has been gaining lots of weight and positive reception among gamblers and reviewing portals, so now Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd firmly position themselves among both providers from Malta and in global gambling charts. In a nutshell, since 2015, the time when the company started to make first serious waves, it has taken a considerable market share, even though being considered a new entrant to the incredibly competitive industry at the time.

Best Of Yggdrasil Gaming At Online Casinos

One of the signature features is visual harmony the company preserves for every slot machine or casino game. Even when it comes to fruit machines, a huge group of developers including designers, animators and artists work on each tiny detail of the future game.

Besides, Yggdrasil gaming slots not only emulate authentic experience, but also give an amazing opportunity to win – the provider is really famous for their high payout percentages.

Aside from gameplay-wise solutions, Yggdrasil-powered casinos put together a notable package of features:

  • Interconnected bonuses. A classic scheme is to distribute bonuses to players so that profitable games get excluded from the narrative. Yggdrasil Gaming casinos allow gamblers to pick bonuses in connection with their favorite games.
  • User-friendly platforms. Supporting a great range of devices, the casinos walk an ergonomic way and provide players with a friendly environment, easy to use and cozy to play at.
  • Compatibility. Whether you play through a tablet, a phone or a computer, your device plays no role in the quality of the platform. The provider keeps their products ubiquitously available and accessible.

What’s more, new Yggdrasil gaming casinos are always abundant with exclusive offers and promotions, so you can enjoy gambling from multiple perspectives at a time.

Yggdrasil Gaming’s Impeccable Software

yggdrasil gaming

What makes their software so singular is iSense technology. To put it simply, iSense allows to combine HTML and CSS without having to utilize heavy Flash or Java. In other words, while most casinos lean on applications and intricate web-interface, provider offers to play right through a browser without downloading anything.

Also, this allows to support different operation systems and devices, and at the same time the technology doesn’t ruin the graphics.

Top Three Picks That Give A Thrill

Spina Colada: No comprehensive storyline or complex visuals, but Spina Colada represents a fair attempt at classic slots where gameplay goes above all. There are four handsome bonus features and 96% of return as a dessert.

Jungle Books: Meet Kipling’s story in a new wrapping, with freespins, animated cuts and extra bonuses. Jungle Books is a real movie where players can get to know different characters and go through different locations. Impressive and stunning.

Super Heroes: An original concept, combining the best of simplicity from Spina Colada and sophistication from Jungle Books. The provider added attractive instant bonuses, Wilds and even a little bit of jackpots up to x1000 wins.


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