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How to cheat at slots

How to cheat at slots — tips and tricks

Even the professional gamblers, who have experienced the joy of victories and the bitterness of defeats, not only the beginners are interested in how to cheat at slots. They think about the manipulations, which can help them to get the cherished prize. Those guys, who did not give up even after many losses, are constantly seeking for the ways to cheat a slot machine.

It turns out that it is possible to win in a casino, even if you are a newbie, but know some special methods that can increase your chances to get more than you spent.

We offer you several ways that will help you both to find out how to cheat slot machines and make your own settings for more generous returns. However, you should always remember that it is simply impossible to deceive a gaming machine without interfering with programming. In rare cases, you can change the mode by setting a generous return in the slot settings.

Searching for the proper casino

Slots bring almost 85% of an income to casinos. Most gamblers can watch spinning reels for hours in an attempt to win a big score. Gaming machines with a high payback percentage will give the best win, but in the long run, any player will lose more than he wins. So it is not surprising that some players always try to find new ways how to cheat at slots.

Although each casino (even if it works online) keeps a blacklist of fraudsters, there are such types of hacking, when the administration is unable to prove the illegality of the winnings.

When you open the sites about gambling, you can even find various “helpful lists” and tips that offer you to deceive a casino and get its money. In reality, a rare individual can deceive a machine. It is very hard to be done. Gamblers should better start with the main thing — the choice of the right site, the honest casino with a license (better European).

Registration — the first step to your success

Each guy, who cannot stop thinking about how to cheat video slot machines, must realize that he cannot do it without registration at the site he likes. The process is not complicated at all. You must fill in the fields with your information (name, address, the method of payment, etc.). You should also consider that gambling is illegal in certain countries, therefore you can use a VPN or TOR browser.

After the process is finished, try to gamble using your notebook or a mobile device. In case, you still cannot stop thinking about how to cheat at slots, read the tips below.

Gambling that brings money

slots online cheat

Even the most unpredictable things and phenomena in the world have their own laws. Slots are no exception. Learn more about a few curious tricks that will allow you to understand how to cheat on slot machines.

  • Crazy Monkey. The bonus game in this Igrosoft slot has several weaknesses. They can be safely used. There you will see 5 ropes — 4 of them are tied to bananas and one — to the bricks. If you pull the wrong rope, a brick will fall on the monkey’s head and the game will end. To avoid this, pull the rope in the following sequence: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5 or 1: 3: 5: 4: 2.
  • Fruit Cocktail. Here, the bet that is equal to 35 wins almost all the time. That is, you can use 5 lines of 7 credits each, or 7 lines of 5 credits each. Of course, the 2nd option will bring you more winnings. Usually, the gambler gets an award after first 2-3 spins.

Using your strategy to win

At present, even those gamblers, who forgot about the times when they were looking for the methods of how to cheat new slot machines, remember about some strategies, which increase their chances of getting an award.

These are the following things:

  • Choose the right games.
  • Use bonuses.
  • Do not gamble on your winnings.
  • Set the maximum bet only if you need it.

A low variance slot will pay every few spins, but the winnings will be small. A medium variance slot will give you a decent amount of small wins, but will also offer big wins. A high variance slot can bring you a victory, but payouts will be much less common.

The only exception here is the games with Progressive Jackpots, where the jackpot is only available to players placing the largest stakes.


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