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Our biggest tournament of the year is back! And this year with a 500,000 EUR prize pool! 19 Exciting rounds with different games, accumulating from previous rounds, an increased prize pool, and rounds with themes of the relevant holidays!
The information on this page will be updated, visit it regularly to check what the conditions of the current round.
ROUND I - Wild Wins - Finished
ROUND II - Gods of Fortune - Finished
ROUND III - Beer Fest - Finished
ROUND IV - King of Beers - Finished
ROUND V - Treasure Hunt - Finished
ROUND VI - Wealth Seekers - Finished
ROUND VII - HallowWins - Finished
ROUND VIII - Legends - Finished
ROUND IX - Tales of fortune - Finished
ROUND X - Queen of Cash - Finished
ROUND XI - Abundance of Gold - Finished
ROUND XII - Lost Treasures
Dates: 17.11.22 GMT 00:00-23.11.22 GMT 23:59
Participating Games:Book of Champions - World Glory, Book of Demi Gods IV - Thunderstorm, Times of Egypt, Egyptian Ways, Titan's Rising, Egyptian Tale, Savanna's Queen, Trojan Tales, Story of Medusa, Book of Siren - Golden Pearl.
Prize Pool €20,000.
Number of Winners - 90

The leaderboard at Bao Casino does not display a player's actual position in the tournament! All prizes are awarded by Spinomenal at the end of each round!
Each win rewards the Player with a score based on the win multiplier (for example, if you waged 1 EUR and won 10 EUR, you will be rewarded with 10 points). The more points a Player collects, the higher the Player’s position is on the tournament leaderboard, which shall include all Players from the platforms participating in the Tournament (the “Leaderboard”).
10% of the score each Player gains during each Tournament round will be collected as credit points and added to the Player’s score in the final round (Round 19).
Each Player’s rank in the Leaderboard for each round will appear once they reach the qualifying score, as displayed on the Players’ toolbar.
The Tournament is available during real-money play only.
Minimum qualifying bet per spin to participate in the Tournament is 0.2 EUR(“Minimum Qualifying Bet”). If the Minimum Qualifying Bet is not available on one of the Participating Games, the closest higher bet amount shall constitute as the Minimum Qualifying Bet for that game.
No additional deposits or costs by Players are required to participate in the Tournament.
Participation in the Tournament is automatic once a Player waged at least a Minimum Qualifying Bet in one of the Participating Games. By qualifying for the Tournament and playing the games, each Player agrees to these terms and conditions and to all other terms and conditions set by the Operator hosting this Tournament.
All material prizes may be paid in a money equivalent.
Malfunctions and errors may void all play and pays.
Participating Operators shall be solely responsible for any and all claims Players mighthave in connection with the Tournament, including but not limited to the payment of the pool prizes within 72 hours from acceptance of the Tournament results sent by Spinomenal.
Each Player participating in the Tournament will receive a unique Tournament ID for the Leaderboard, per each currency that Player plays with. Changing the currency during the duration of the Tournament may reset the Player’s progress on the Leaderboard.
If two or more Players have the same number of points at the end of each round, the Player who reached the points first will be ranked higher.
Prizes for Players playing the Games with Cryptocurrencies will be displayed in EUR. Participating Operators will disburse prizes in accordance with their payment terms.
Only finished spins will qualify for the Leaderboard.
Wins from free spins awarded to the Player by the participating Operator will not qualify in the Tournament towards placement on the Leaderboard.
During the Tournament, Players may be offered to play the Participating Games as part of various promotional efforts made available from time to time in accordance with the terms of such efforts. By participating in such efforts, Players may be rewarded with additional points.
The rules, terms, and conditions of the tournament are subject to all applicable laws and can be changed at any time upon prior written notice to Players participating in the Tournament. Players’ continued participation in the Tournament following such notice shall constitute its acceptance of such changes. The Operator together with its partners reserves the right to stop the Tournament at any time for an indefinite period without paying the prizes.
In case of discrepancy of interpretation of the English version of these Terms and any other versions or iterations of these Terms because of difference in translation, this English version shall prevail.

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