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Happy April Fools’ Day
Grab 15% cashback of up to €5000 on all games
They say that on April Fools’ Day, you question everything and believe nothing. Well, this is probably the case everywhere except for at Bao Casino, because all our bonuses are 100% real, and our payouts are instant! 💰
Turn the April Fools’ tradition onto its head and celebrate with an incredible 15% cashback on all our games (slots, live casino and table games):
• Up to $500 cashback for all players
• Up to $1000 cashback for VIP players on 60 - 79 stages of the Quest
• Up to $2000 cashback for VIP players on 80 - 89 stages of the Quest
• Up to $5000 cashback for VIP players on 90 and over stages of the Quest
All you have to do is deposit $30 to make the most of this unrealistically real cashback offer! 😊

The offer will be available from: 28th March till 3rd April, 2020.
The minimum deposit amount is equal to: 30 EUR, 30 USD, 45 CAD, 3,600 JPY, 350 NOK, 2,500 RUB, 55 AUD, 55 NZD, 0.005 BTC, 0.16 BCH, 0.25 ETH, 0.8 LTC, 17,000 DOG.
The minimum amount of loss (excluding the actual bonus) in the previous 7 days must be above: 20 EUR, 20 USD, 35 AUD, 30 CAD, 2,500 JPY, 200 NOK, 2,500 RUB, 35 NZD, 0.052 BCH, 0.079 ETH, 0.16 LTC, 7,000 DOG, and 0.003 BTC.
Cashback is available on: slots, live casino and table games.
Cashback is paid out only on bets made using real money (excluding the actual bonus), from 28.03.2020 (Saturday) till 03.04.2020 (Friday).
All players (with the exception of VIP players) will receive their cashback automatically on at 01:00 UTC, 04.03.2020 (Saturday).
VIP player on stages 70 and above will be receiving their cashback individually from our VIP manager from the 4th till the 7th April. The bonus amount is given manually and the manager will state the bonus amount by email (the one provided on your account).
Maximum cashback value for all players: 500 EUR, 800 CAD, 500 USD, 42,000 RUB, 6,000 NOK, 900 AUD, 900 NZD, 60,000 JPY, 4 ETH, 0.081 BTC, 2.5 BCH, 13.8 LTC, 250,000 DOG
Maximum cashback value for VIP players on 60 - 79 stages of the Quest: 1,000 EUR, 1,500 CAD, 1,000 USD, 85,000 RUB, 12,000 NOK, 1,800 AUD, 1,800 NZD, 120,000 JPY, 8 ETH, 0.16 BTC, 4.9 BCH, 27.5 LTC, and 350,000 DOG.
Maximum cashback value for VIP players on 80 - 89 stages of the Quest: 2,000 EUR, 3,000 CAD, 2,000 USD, 350,000 RUB, 24,000 NOK, 3,600 AUD, 3,600 NZD, 240,000 JPY, 16 ETH, 0.32 BTC, 10 BCH, 55 LTC, and 700,000 DOG.
Wager needed to play the cashback off: x5
Wagering period: 5 days starting at the time at which you received the bonus
General bonus policy applies.

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