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blackjack apprenticeship basic strategy
Blackjack Basic Strategy

The Most Popular Blackjack Basic Strategy + Tips & Tricks

Blackjack is a comparing casino card game with one or more players and a dealer. Unlike other games, where players compete with each other, here players in turn play against the house. Blackjack is actually the North American version of Twenty-One and it is popular all over the world. There are multiple versions of Blackjack (4 decks, 8 decks) and, because of that, many strategies to apply.

The most popular Blackjack basic strategy is Hit or Stand, but there are others as well, for example, if the dealer stands or hits on soft 17, whether doubling down after splitting is allowed. Each of them will be successful, if you are following it correctly, without improvising. Incredible self-discipline is being needed, especially if you want to be an excellent Blackjack player.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Explained

It is a fine art to know when to hit and when to trust your hand. To hit means to ask for a card from the dealer, while to stand means to hold your total and end your turn. In any case, your decisions about what to do will depend on the dealer’s hand.

Different Basic Strategy Blackjack Scenarios

Let us look at a dire scenario – the house has an ace. In this situation what you should try to do is get a good hand of 17 or above. Chances are that the dealer has a strong and has a good chance of hitting a 10, Jack, Queen or King.

Another scenario – the house has a 10-value card. Here you will again need a strong hand. It is a wise choice to stand on anything 17 and over while hitting if you hold a 12-16 hand.

Now, if the house has a 7-9 card, they have no chances of a Blackjack. This spells good news for you, but remember that you will still need a good hand for they can yet get a better hand of 17 or more. In general – if you hold a 9 or less or 12-16 hand it is best to hit. Stand on a total of 17 or more.

If the dealer has a 4-6, then hit on 8 or less and stand on 12 or higher. In case the house has a 3, you should hit on anything eight or below 12 and stay over 13. If the dealer has a two-hit on nine or less and stand on 13 or over.

Other Popular Blackjack Strategies

Hit or Stand is not the only Blackjack Strategy available in this sphere. During the years, there are more than 15 strategies created by many different players. Of course, each of these tips and tricks on how to beat the house is created for a specific Blackjack game.

Below you will see three of the most popular other Blackjack Strategies. Note that you need a lot of practice if you want to be really successful as they are more difficult than the basic Blackjack strategy. They are most easily being remembered by a drawn chart.

  • Double Down
  • Split Pairs
  • Surrender

Blackjack Basic Strategy on the different Blackjack Slots

free blackjack basic strategy game

There is a basic strategy of Blackjack available for slots. It is very similar to the Hit or Stand strategy. Still, we would like to recommend you to play always Blackjack with live dealers for a better gaming experience. Moreover, it is always nice to play together with the real players against the house.

Our Opinion about the Blackjack Basic Strategy

In conclusion, the Blackjack basic strategy can prepare players for the many difficult and tricky situations, they will encounter during the course of the game. Whilst it will not guarantee a 100% win ratio, it will surely help to make better decisions that in turn lead to the smallest possible amount of monetary loss.

Players favour this strategy, as it gives them all they could need to have an advantage over the house. We suggest using and following the basic strategy in Blackjack in the long run as it will guarantee profits. It will work simply due to the fact that it is based on the game’s calculations of odds and probabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the most popular Blackjack Basic Strategy?

The most popular Blackjack Basic Strategy is called Hit or Stand. It is very simple for following, just read about it above.

What does Blackjack Probability Odds mean?

Blackjack odds are percentage figures which are representing your probabilities or chances of losing or winning a hand.

Can I beat the casino using the Blackjack Basic Strategy?

We cannot answer this question but if you are using the Blackjack Basic Strategy, provided to you, your chances for doing that will be dramatically increased.

Does the blackjack basic strategy really work?

Indeed, it is working. Just follow it correctly and do not improvise. If you follow it exactly as it is explained in our article, you will get some nice profit in the long-term plan!


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