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All about jackpot slots

How to win slot machine jackpot?

Want to find that one single win that will completely change your life, aren’t you? So, you should choose progressive jackpot slots offering the opportunity to win a large amount of money at any time. This means that any game round is potentially winning - it all depends on your luck and the will of case. Jackpot slots bring the biggest wins. Therefore, they are very popular.

What is Jackpot Slots Game?

Almost any jackpot slot in many respects is similar to a regular slot. However, there is an important difference - it includes a huge prize pool (slot machine jackpot) that will go to the most successful gambler.

Such casino games are available for PC and mobile devices. That is, playing slots on your smartphone, you have a chance to fill your wallet with a bunch of hundred-dollar bills.

Type of Slots Jackpot

slot jackpot win

The slot machine jackpot is what every gambler dreams of. Some titles by Microgaming and NetEnt have already made many players happy by paying them multi-million-dollar amounts. By spinning the reels of jackpot slots, you can always expect that something special will happen and the money will flow to you like a water.

However, not all jackpot slots are the same. The first distinguishing criterion is the way the prize pool is formed.

Fixed Amount Jackpot

As you know, the winnings amount depends on the value of the symbols in the combination and their number (from 3 to 5 usually). Some symbols land on reels relatively rarely. Therefore, it will not be easy to assemble the highest combination consisting of such rare symbols.

However, you will get a fixed jackpot if you manage to do so. Thus, the fixed jackpot is the largest payout for the most valuable combination formed.

Isolated Jackpot

Some slots deduct part of the profit to the prize pool. Thus, we get a slot jackpot with a variable amount.

As a rule, the prize pool of such slots is not too large - however, it all depends on the popularity of the title.

Jackpot Within the Gambling Platform

The prize pool of some slots can be replenished due to deductions from bets made at any games within a certain online casino. Such a slot machine jackpot is growing much faster and is able to impress with its amount.

Network Jackpot

Many popular gambling software manufacturers provide their titles to several online casinos at once. Their golden slots are connected to a common network and form inter-casino prize pool. Since tens of thousands of gamblers play such progressive jackpot slots every day, the prize pool is growing very fast and reaches several million dollars. It’s skyrocket luck to hit such a huge jackpot!

Jackpot Ways to Win

Playing many jackpot slots, you have the opportunity to hit the jackpot during regular game rounds. However, some slots open up the possibility of winning the jackpot only at bonus rounds. There is also a double jackpot slots that play the jackpot during regular gameplay as well as at bonus mini-games.

In addition, some slots play a hidden jackpot. It can be paid regardless of what is happening in the game window. So, you may not even know that you have selected the title with jackpot.

Tips on How to Win Slot Machine Jackpot

jackpots slots win

Now, you know what the jackpot is and what its types are. Here are a few things to help you be more successful when you play jackpot slots:

  • Some slots provide access to the jackpot only for those players who place max bets. Therefore, lengthy gameplay can hit your wallet. We do not recommend playing the jackpot slots for too long. In fact, you should make several attempts and choose another game if you are out of luck today.
  • The amount of the fixed jackpot depends on the size of your bet. Therefore, choose slots with a high limit for betting and activate all paylines. Also, keep in mind the point indicated above.
  • Know when to stop. The slot machine jackpot will only continue to grow until someone becomes a winner. Perhaps, you will be the lucky one, but next time.
  • Play for fun only. Your focus on profit can lead to frustration and loss of money, since in this case you will make rash decisions.

In addition, you need some prior knowledge of jackpot slots. So, do this homework to play wiser. Do not limit yourself to the jackpot slots only. Online casinos offer many games that can also make you rich and famous.

The Most Promising Jackpot Slots

Here are a few casino games that deserve your attention:

  • Mega Moolah by Microgaming is the most popular jackpot slot. This title has paid incredible millions of dollars many times and became one of the most successful casino games in the history of online gambling.
  • Mega Fortune Wheel is one of the oldest slots that does not lose its popularity. It offers a huge amount of progressive jackpot and is one of the best options for playing on mobile devices.
  • Jackpot Giant designed by Playtech is a 5-reels slot with 50 paylines and a fun bonus round. It became widely known for paying an amazing $ 12,000,000 jackpot.

This list of jackpot slot machines can go on and on, complemented by titles with jackpots of thousands and millions of dollars. Each of the jackpot slots can bring a payout that will completely change your life.


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