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jack hammer slot review
How to beat Jack Hammer slot

Jack Hammer slot: Spy who enriched me

NetEnt fans, rejoice because Jack Hammer slot is coming back in a renewed format – now everyone’s favorite detective is going to fly in the face of Don Crabby, and this journey promises to be exquisitely interesting. Compared to the previous chapter, Jack Hammer 2 slots didn’t get much of change, but of course the developer added a few completely new features as well as updated the concept with win-lines and payouts.

If you enjoyed the detective’s ventures in Grand City and you happen to appreciate comics-like animation in a slot, Jack Hammer 2 has all chances to become your ride for a night. But even if you don’t feel thrilled at crime-fighting comics, this machine is still the one at least to try out.

Jack Hammer Slot’s Theme

Whether you play through some mobile platform or stick to your PC, Jack Hammer slot shows full compatibility with any operating system. The game opens with a colorful animated video that introduces all the main characters in the chapter’s story: our Detective, fishy Don Crabby who has kidnapped Private Eye’s beloved Pearls and a few other fellas to twist the plot.

Even though the sequel borrows a number of gameplay elements from Jack Hammer, casino vibes and unusual features make up for it.


Jack Hammer slot a classic 5x3 grid stuffed with 99 win-lines which is a whooping number for a gameplay offering a fixed system of lines. So the machine is simply bursting with moneymaking opportunities, especially because players don’t have to pay through the nose to spin the reels.

What’s more, Jack Hammer slotsfeatures no standard symbols: each one is greatly designed comic graphics, from low-win to high-win.

Notable Features

who should play jack hammer

Basically, the follow-up runs around freespin-based features and a couple of Wild features. Here’s what you can unravel:

  • Basic Wilds. During the main gameplay, Wildcards can substitute for any standard symbol except Scatters. When you play Jack Hammer 2 casino version, this simple feature comes in handy.
  • Scatters. Landing from 5 to 8 and more Scatters brings up to 20 freespins. Good news that during the set all wins get doubled, so you really can rob any online casino with this Jack Hammer slot’s amazing feature.
  • Sticky Wins. That’s what makes the game unique. When you land a winning combo, the reels with winning symbols get held while remaining reels continue respinning so that players could have a bigger chance.

Besides, the game has Random Wildcards appearing during freespin rounds. Evidently, NetEnt didn’t want to overstuff the machine with bonus details, but in fact it’s to the benefit: there are too many graphical details already to overdose the bonus gameplay as well.

Game Setting

Once the game is loaded, you’ll see a traditional player panel below the reels. Stakes are divided between levels and coin values: to choose a bet you need to choose the level first and then set the value. Give the rules a short review, too, because Jack Hammer slot has a slightly different system with paylines: note that there are 99 of them and they are already included when staking. To activate the reels press ‘Spin’.

Tips To Jack Hammer Slot

If you want to elevate your experience, there are a few useful tips you can bear in mind while playing:

  • Do not try to go for big stakes – this machine can get incredibly expensive with every bet level, so you’d rather cling to small bets.
  • At the same time make sure you take advantage of almost 100 paylines – your stakes shouldn’t be too small either.
  • Stay positive! This machine doesn’t demonstrate great abundance at features, so you may enter a little bit of lose streak.

In a nutshell, this NetEnt’s machine offers quite enjoyable play where gamblers won’t spend hours in attempts to differ one button from another. What’s also notable is awesome soundtrack immersing you right into the story. All in all, that’s a decent sequel.


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