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How to play slot machine

Learn how to play slot machine right now

You have to perform four simple actions.

  • Register an account at an online casino.
  • Read the manual on how to play slot machine.
  • Choose a convenient payment system and pay attention to the possibility of withdrawing the money won.
  • Get a no deposit bonus or make a deposit.

Further, you have to follow three simple rules. Never drink alcohol or use drugs. It is the right way to lower the bankroll. If you can count to six, stop at four. Stop on time! Make maximum bets. Higher rates have a higher return rate.

Tips to play different slots

Online casinos are legal and illegal. Illegal casinos have used self-made software and can customize it in its favor.

Play only in legal casinos

All legal online casinos use software from several developers. They always indicate which one. Compliance with the RTI declared by the casino is checked by the manufacturer. The administration cannot change the settings of the slot machines.

The same machines of the same manufacturer work in different casinos on the same principles. If a player finds a successful game strategy on some slot machine, it will work on the same in another casino.


Usually, to try to win the jackpot bet has to be the maximum. Else, a player cannot claim this prize. However, to maintain the interest of players in some slot machines, a random jackpot is set, which everyone can win independently of the size of the bets. Check how to play slot machine before the game.

The size of the random jackpot is smaller than usual each one. The odds of winning are proportional to the player’s bet.

Play the best simple slot machines

Try the simple slot machines before play in difficult each one.

How to play lucky ducky slot machine

This classic fruit gaming machine has only one pay line. The maximum jackpot is 10000 times the original bet. Bet per spin is limited to 15 dollars.

How to play wheel of fortune slot machine

The wheel of fortune is the opposite of roulette. The goal of the game is to put the sector on which the winning will fall. Were is 54 sectors into the drum. Each one has some symbol: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, Alfaplay or the Joker. Alfaplay and the Joker have to give a win 47 times. The remaining sectors are in line with their par.

Strategies to win

slot machine how to play

Each slot machine has in its description a payout table, which lists all the winning combinations. It is important! Bet on the combination of the prize for the maximum.

Basic principles

  • Always try the game in demo mode to know how to play slot machine.
  • Never start auto-spin.
  • Accept all bonuses and free spins.

Five strategies

How to play a slot machine.

Play and run

Deposit divided into equal shares. Set the limit of 20 empty spins. If you have achieved something from this - stop the game and go to the next slot machine.

One game

Do one the maximum bet. Independent of the result of the transition go to the next machine. Somebody believes that any slot machines give a win on the first bet to entice the player.

Up to the steps

Put the average bet. In case of loss, it halved. In the case of winning it doubles. So you have to get the wave of victory.


The player thinks out in advance what rates he will make and does not refuse the chosen strategy. Rates increase gradually unsharp. After playing the scheduled session, the game ends. Check how to play slot machine in casino before thinking out the game.

Empty spins

The player sets the maximum number of empty spins. As soon as this quantity reached, the slot machine changes. Usually, take from seven to fifteen empty spins. The size of the bets is always the same.

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