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How to beat slot machines

Tips how to beat slot machines online

All online slots are computer applications that work on the basis of a specific algorithm. The results randomness is determined by the operation of the RNG. However, many gamblers wonder - how to beat a slot machine electronically? Unfortunately, there is no unequivocal answer to this question as it implies interference with the source code and the operation algorithm, which is a violation of the rules of fair play.

However, there are other ways how to beat slot machines at casino. These methods are not illegal and we will look at some of them later in this article.

How to choose a casino and a slot?

Since the online gambling industry is a huge and constantly evolving field, every gambler may encounter unscrupulous casinos that do not pay money or use unlicensed slots. Such slots work for casino profits only. To protect yourself from fraudsters, you need to be careful when choosing an online gambling establishment.

Look at the following features of choosing the casino:

  • A casino that can be trusted must have a license for its online gambling activities issued by an authorized body.
  • The casino gaming collection must be represented by well-known providers (e.g., Microgaming).
  • You can see app parameters (e.g., RTP), because it is important if you want to know how to beat slot machines.
  • The correctness of the random number generator should be checked by independent auditors and an honest casino publishes the results of checks on its website.
  • Player reviews are another criterion for evaluating a casino (if reviews have not been purchased).

How to register at a casino

how to beat the casino at slot machines

At any casino website you can find the registration section and the process itself takes only a few minutes. After clicking the 'Register' button, you need to fill out the form fields providing reliable information about yourself. When registration is completed, you need to make a deposit.

To expand your bankroll, you can use casino bonuses without forgetting the need to fulfill wager requirements.

How to play slot machines?

Slots are simple gaming applications. However, it is not true that you can easily beat random number generator slot machines. First, you need to know how to choose slots and how to play them.

Slots can be divided into classic (3 reels) and video slots (5 reels or more). Classic ones copy the gameplay of machines, invented more than 100 years ago. Video slots offer a large number of different functions, for example, bonus mini-games, free spins, jackpot, a different number of paylines and high limit on bets.

However, all slots have approximately the same control panel:

  • Control to select a stake (on one or several paylines);
  • Spin button to start the game round;
  • Paytable button to go to the section with the basic rules of the game.

You need to select a stake and the number of paylines (if this is a video slot). The next step is to click the Spin button and wait for win. This is a very simple gameplay and it may seem that you have no opportunity to influence the result. In fact, you can control the game process for long sessions if you approach the game of slots wisely. We offer to learn a few strategies of how to beat the slots.

How to play slots smart and wisely

Seeing the success of others and not getting the proper returns, you will want to know how to beat casino slots and other games.

We will not talk about how to hack casino application with 100% results, since such manipulation is illegal.

If want to know how to beat slot machines - choose the right slots

slot machines how to beat

The technical parameters of the slots matter if you come to play and win. Dispersion is an important parameter. We conditionally divide slots into three categories according to the dispersion value: low, medium and high.

Slots with a low dispersion rate pay out often, but the winnings are small. If you want frequent small wins, then low-dispersed slots are your best choice. If you have a large bankroll, you can make high bets playing slots with a high disperse, since a single victory can block a series of defeats. So, this is just one of different answers to the question how to beat the slots. Read more below.

Plan your gameplay in advance to beat slot machines

You must identify three things:

  • How long do you want to play?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • How much does it take to make you want to stop the game?

Give yourself the answers to these questions and stick with these answers during gameplay. It is not an answer to 'how to beat a slot machine?' question. However, this plan will help you not to spend more than you can afford.

Do not use money won for betting

Lack of self-discipline is the main problem of unsuccessful gamblers. You need to stay cool and not try to win more using just won cash. It is no secret that gambling website always get its share of the money.

However, it provides a chance to win good money for everyone. Two big winnings in a row is an unlikely event.


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