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rigged slots
Are slot machines rigged?

Rigged Slot machines: how to detect and avoid

In this article, we will answer the question of are slot machines rigged.

Proofs that slots in an online casino are trusted

Can slot machines be rigged? Yes, but there are a few simple tips that will help you to avoid such casinos with fraudulent slots.

Legality, license availability

Having a valid license is the first thing you should always pay attention to when choosing a new casino. This is your only guarantee that the casino plays honestly, uses official software and pays out winnings. Neglecting this factor, you risk not only being left without a win or a deposit but also provoking the leakage of your confidential data into third parties.

Relying on top licensed online casinos you will save your time and get a guarantee to be in a reliable institution with an excellent reputation among both players and regulatory authorities.

Game range

It is necessary to give preference to those casinos that offer their visitors not only slot machines, but also table games, as well as Live-casino, scratch cards, video poker, blackjack. If a website offers outdated games, such an online casino should not be considered.

Official providers regulate the operation of slots directly from their servers. Casinos only display gambling entertainment and also take risks during any game party. Imagine that the dealer is an official provider for whom it does not matter which side wins, and the casino is your opponent. And only in this way the game can be fair. With illegal software, the dealer will work on the side of the casino, which is a fraud and will leave you with empty pockets.

Random number generator

are vegas slot machines rigged

A random number generator is the first principle when choosing any slot. The random appearance of electronic combinations means that the game is absolutely honest and depends only on one parameter - your luck since it is impossible to predict the operation of such a slot. How slot machines are rigged? It happens when there is no RND and the game result is coded in advance.

How to know that online slot is untrusted

To discard all casinos with unreliable slots, we recommend paying attention to several features.

Are slot machines rigged at casinos on the whole web? Absolutely not. Just know how to avoid such scammers.

Website design is an important component for casino with no rigged slot machines

Original design, an unusual approach to design and communication with the guest - this is what makes the casino recognizable. On the web, you can find dozens of establishments with one-page banners, calls to the game and bonuses. Do not waste your time on such “clones”.

After all, if the developers did not even bring a drop of creativity into their product, then there are doubts about their sincere intentions regarding gamblers. The top rating of online casinos includes halls with a recognizable design, originals characters. Choose slots range with an assortment for every taste - from the themes of space adventures to the style of ancient antiquity.

Reviews of real gamblers

Reviews speak of the solvency of the casino. The speed of payments, the fees for withdrawing funds, withdrawal limits - all these factors can be checked only in practice and real reviews help to draw the right conclusions. If you ask are casino slot machines rigged in the specified casino, just read reviews.

The number of bonus offers and promotions

Many virtual casinos offer bonus programs. Pay your attention to those sites with a slot that offers:

  • welcome bonus, free spins;
  • deposit bonuses;
  • no deposit bonuses;
  • bonus and promotional programs on an ongoing and temporary basis.

Casinos with a VIP system that allows you to "upgrade" your account occupy a higher position in the ranking. The top casino should offer more bonuses, promotions, hold regular tournaments, jackpot.

Are slot tournaments rigged? Yes and no. If we go back to the choice of reliable casinos, all promotions of such gambling houses will be legit and trusted.

Website usability

are video slot machines rigged

For all its merits, some casinos have a lower ranking position due to an ill-conceived user interface. If the site of such an online casino does not allow you to filter the search results by the most important parameters, move it to the bottom of the list.

The user must easily and quickly find the desired game. To do this, the interface should offer it sorting by name, by type of game, by the provider. Besides, it is advisable to filter the output alphabetically.

Site Availability

Not all gambling platforms are accessible to gamblers of any country. This limitation can be circumvented. But during the calculation and withdrawal of winnings, problems will surely arise. Therefore, you must avoid those establishments where there are large-scale restrictions for players from several countries.

We warn players in advance that using mirrors and VPN services for legal casinos can harm the players themselves. The fact is that when you withdraw funds, you still have to provide real data on citizenship and place of residence. If the casino detects a violation of the rules, your payment will be frozen, and the return of the deposit will become a legally controversial issue.


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